Sleep: If You Breathe It, It Will Come

You all know the feeling. It’s already past your bedtime. You’re tired, but sleep just won’t come. You toss and turn, trying to find the most comfortable way to drift off to sleep. You count sheep (or whatever version of that you do to try and trick yourself into falling asleep). It’s frustrating. Especially when you’ve made the effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour. You dread how you’ll feel in the morning and that stress keeps you awake. Did you know you can breathe yourself to sleep?

According to EXOS, there’s a breathing exercise that can help the ZZZs come more naturally. Check it out:

  • Breathe in through your nose for a six count.
  • Hold it in for a three count.
  • Exhale through your nose for a six count.
  • Hold that for a three count.
  • Repeat these steps four more times.
  • Then, breathe in through your nose for a six count.
  • Exhale through your nose for a six count.
  • Repeat this set of steps four times.

That’s it! As you grow used to this routine, it will come more naturally and sleep will find you with greater ease. You don’t have to build anything to drift off to your own Field of Dreams.

Of course, there’s always AIR ESSENTIALS™ SLEEP/SNORE. It’s infused with a calming lavender essential oil blend, which promotes restful sleep.

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