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AIR SLEEP/SNORE featured on ABC 10 Miami’s Healthcast

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.02.28 AMABC 10 in Miami gave AIR SLEEP/SNORE a shout out in their piece on a study that showed how cognitive sleep therapy can improve sleep without the use of medication. We’re certainly all about drug-free solutions for health issues, so we’re thrilled to be mentioned in this Healthcast segment from the ABC 10 team. Thanks for the mention, Kristi Krueger! Continue reading

AirWare Now Available at Winn Dixie, BI-LO

WD_logoWe’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: it is the mission of AirWare Labs to help the world breathe better and live better lives. That quest takes another step forward, as AirWare can now be found at Winn Dixie and BI-LO. This is very exciting news for all of us here at AirWare Labs. Head to your local store and pick up AIR SLEEP/SNORE and AIR HEADACHE! Continue reading

Airware Labs Hires Schultz Public Relations, LLC As Market Adoption Surges

We’re expecting big things in 2015. Already, we’ve seen our international growth flourish, are expecting our skincare line out this year and so much more. With so much going on, we knew we needed some help getting all the good news out to the world. Enter Schultz Public Relations, LLC.

“We are experiencing record consumer demand for our products both domestically and internationally. At the same time, we are expanding our product lines and distribution agreements along with our patent portfolio. The timing of these significant advances couldn’t be more beneficial to our supporters, investors and would-be investors given this momentous period when ongoing worldwide health challenges continue to dominate consumer interest and concern. We expect 2015 to be an exceptional year in the growth of our company, which is why we need to partner with Schultz Public Relations, LLC,” said Jeffrey Rassas, CEO of Airware Labs Corp. “They have both the extensive experience and demonstrated knowledge to help us communicate through the diverse channels that will allow us to continue to enhance awareness of our existing and growing line of products.”

The agency will manage strategic communications and media relations activities associated with the company’s growing product line. “We look forward to partnering with Airware Labs Corp. at such an important time in the history of the company. Their dedication to pioneering health and quality of life products couldn’t be more impressive,” said Sharon Schultz, President, Schultz Public Relations, LLC. “We are excited at the prospect of building on their successes to continue to grow brand awareness, so everyone can have the opportunity to improve their personal health and quality of life.”

See the full Pres Release here.

AirWare Labs Files Patent Applications for Innovative Nasal Drug Delivery System


Recently, AirWare Labs announced the planned release of a skin care line. It signaled a bit of a change for our company. We’ve always been a company built around providing better, healthier lives. We started doing it via breathing better, but it certainly isn’t stopping there. The first step was the skin care line. Next? Well… Continue reading

AirWare Launches Revolutionary New Skin Care Line To Treat Wrinkles, Acne, Scars And Warts

Skin CareAirWare Labs is about better breathing. In reality, we’ve always been doing what we do in the name of better living. The upcoming launch of our extraordinary new skin care line will help us continue that mission.

“We are excited to expand into skin care with this line of products,” said Jeffrey Rassás, CEO of AirWare Labs. “There is enormous demand for effective treatments for lines and wrinkles, acne and other common skin conditions, and we’ve developed a unique patented system that generates tremendous results.” Continue reading

Breathe Bigger: Using Your Lungs to Their Potential

We all have a lot of practice breathing. You know … because we do it all day, every day. You would think we would all be experts by now. Turns out, that may not be the case. Breathing expert Caroline Kremer believes that most people vastly under use their lungs. In her piece for the London Evening Standard, writer Lucy Tobin went in for the first-hand experience and learned how to use her lungs to the max.

With a few simple steps, we can use our lungs to their full potential:

  1. Relax. Says Kremer: “You have to get the body relaxed before you can start breathing work.”
  2. Not just any exhale. Breathe out “while hissing like a deflating balloon. “
  3. Keep going. Just when you feel as if you cannot continue to exhale, push it a little further.
  4. Waiting to Inhale. Pause for a moment.
  5. Breathe in. After a few seconds, breathe in.
  6. Repeat. According to Tobin, “it’s surprising how much fuller the lungs get after a few rounds of the exercises.”

Breathing bigger will help you relax to the max.

Fun fact: Kremer’s record exhale is a whopping two minutes long!

Bless You: Cute Animals Sneezing

Animals sneezing is just about the cutest darn thing. In fact, it’s just about one of our favorite things there is. However, it’s not nearly as fun when we’re saddled with a bout of the sneezes. So, for those of us that look far less cute when we’ve got a case of the sneezes, here’s a handful of videos to cheer you up. We’re not just here to distract you from the problem, though. No, we’re going to solve it too!

If you can’t pull off the cute sneeze, or just want to not have to sneeze at all, there’s AIR ALLERGY™


Everyone sleeps. We all need it. Most of us love to do it. Few of us get enough of it.

Everyone sleeps. Even Lemurs. Sleepurs.

Sleeping Lemur

Some of us can sleep anywhere …

Sleepy dog.

… or under any conditions. This guy would even be fine in Sochi. He’d win a gold medal for sleeping.

Cat sleeping on cords.

Some of us can grab it in tight spaces.


Others prefer to have to whole bed to themselves to stretch out …

Dog sleeping in bed.

… while some of us sleep much better in the comfort of someone’s arms.

Puppy sleeping with owner.

However you sleep, and especially for those that it doesn’t come as easy to, AIR ESSENTIALS™ SLEEP/SNORE is infused with a calming lavender essential oil blend shown to help reduce congestion and promote restful sleep.

Breathe better. Sleep better with AIR ESSENTIALS™ SLEEP/SNORE.