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AirWare Labs Products Now Available in South Korea at Shinsegae

main_visual_01AirWare Labs is excited for this announcement as we continue to expand across the globe, helping more people than ever to breathe the difference. That’s right! Korea’s SHINSEGAE department stores, the leader in Korea’s modern retail industry, will now sell  Airware Labs’ innovative AIR™ Defense product. SHINSEGAE was Korea’s first department store and maintains its market position as a leading retailer. It currently operates 10 regional department stores 2 premium food market stores and the popular online shopping site, SHINSEGAE Mail. SHINSEGAE Centurn City is the world’s largest department store. Continue reading

AirWare Labs Featured on American Urban Radio Networks

headerLeftOur CEO, Jeffrey Rassas, joined American Urban Radio Networks’ (AURN) Brian Cook to discuss the benefits of our AIR products. We want to thank AURN for this opportunity, as more than 220 stations in cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta and more. Now individuals across the country will be able to breathe the difference.

Listen to the interview on the American Urban Radio Networks.

AirWare Featured on Drug Topics: Voice of the Pharmacist

drugtopicslogoAirWare Labs is very excited and proud to be mentioned on Drug Topics in their post titled “Pharmacy options for spring allergies.” We thank them for helping up spread the word on our AIR products and in aiding our mission to help everyone the world over to breathe the difference. AIR is available to you in many local pharmacies including Walgreens and online via our website. We take pride in being a drug-free solution to battling your allergies.

Read the whole post on “Pharmacy options for spring allergies.”

AirWare Now Available in Canada!

blog20Canada is home to some of our favorite things. Poutine is one of them. Who doesn’t love french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds? Vegans, probably (we’re sure there’s a delicious vegan version out there somewhere). Also excited to call Canada home is … AirWare!  Today we’re excited to announce that Katz Group Pharmacies Inc. will offer AIR™ ALLERGY, AIR™ SLEEP SNORE, AIR™ DECONGEST and AIR™ BREATHE at  460 retail pharmacies across Central and Western Canada. Katz Group is one of Canada’s largest privately owned enterprises with pharmacy operations that include convenient Rexall and Rexall Pharma Plus locations in Canada. Continue reading

AirWare Now Available at Apollo Hospitals, Pharmacies Across India

AirWare Labs has made yet another move to ensure we can help others across the globe to breathe the difference. Our latest stamp on the passport finds AirWare in India. 37 Apollo Hospitals and 250  Apollo pharmacy retail outlets across India will now sell Airware Labs’ innovative AIR™ ALLERGY product. Apollo Pharmacy is the largest retail pharmacy chain in India. Apollo Hospitals, based in Chennai, India, encompass over 10,000 beds across the country. A number of Apollo Hospitals have been among the first in India to receive international healthcare accreditation. Apollo hospitals and pharmacies are a part of the Apollo Group. Continue reading

AirWare Labs Files Patent Application for Revolutionary Oxygen Cannula Delivery System

patent-and-trademark-sealWe strive to be at the forefront of better breathing technology. It’s the mission of this company. Today’s news is a huge step in that regard. We’re thrilled to share this exciting news with you.

AirWare Labs Corp. (OTCQB: AIRW) today announced the filing of a new patent application for a revolutionary oxygen cannula delivery system, expected to launch later this year. The system will feature a proprietary cannula design, fitted with disposable nasal dilators that diffuse the stream of oxygen as it enters the nasal passage and prevent the nasal dryness, irritation and discomfort commonly reported by cannula users. The nasal dilators also work to open the nasal passage and increase airflow by up to 60%, enhancing the overall effectiveness of oxygen therapy.

“With millions of people worldwide using nasal cannulas for oxygen therapy, it’s surprising that the same issues with dryness and irritation have persisted since the 1940s,” said Jeffrey Rassás, CEO of AirWare Labs. “We’re very excited to bring to market a highly effective solution for these common complaints that will also significantly lower the risk of infection or contamination. The diffused air stream will greatly reduce dryness, and the inserts are designed to hold the cannula in place while the oxygen recipient is sleeping.”

The global market for respiratory care devices, including oxygen cannulas, is expected to reach $13.5 billion by 2015, according to market research and consulting company MarketsandMarkets.

Meet the Bubble Boy!

Vincent Kartheiser & Adam Herschman

We’ve been teasing you with set photos, Instagram videos and more the past month or so. Today your wait is over. The Bubble Boy video is here! Starring Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) and Adam Herschman (Accepted, Soul Men), this is a video of the AirWare Labs search for a spokesperson. In the process we discovered Bubble Boy, who burst from his prison of allergies with the help of AIR ALLERGY™.

Flowers, hikes, family BBQs, you name it. AIR ALLERGY™ keeps you there in the moments that matter. Our discreet nasal filters protect you from irritating airborne allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander.

· Helps block out airborne allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander
· Filtration media from 3M
· Easy to breathe through
· Drug-free
· Infused with an essential oil blend designed to reduce allergy symptoms
· Soft, comfortable and discreet
· Latex-Free

Breathe relief. Get AIR ALLERGY™ today!