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Buzzer Beaters Brought To You By AIR SPORT™

Can you feel it? The excitement of March Madness is in the air. Are you still in the running for Warren Buffet’s billion dollars? We aren’t. That doesn’t quell how we feel about the tournament. Stars are born, Cinderella stories are told, buzzers are beat. Here’s our favorite buzzer beaters:

Christian Laettner

Robert Horry aka “Big Shot Bob”

Michael Jordan’s final shot (as a Bulls … but we can pretend the Wizards stint never happened too)

To hit those buzzer beaters, you need the strength to push through ’til the end. AIR SPORT™ is a performance enhancing breathing aid that dramatically increases oxygen to fuel every cell in your body.


Sleep: If You Breathe It, It Will Come

You all know the feeling. It’s already past your bedtime. You’re tired, but sleep just won’t come. You toss and turn, trying to find the most comfortable way to drift off to sleep. You count sheep (or whatever version of that you do to try and trick yourself into falling asleep). It’s frustrating. Especially when you’ve made the effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour. You dread how you’ll feel in the morning and that stress keeps you awake. Did you know you can breathe yourself to sleep?

According to EXOS, there’s a breathing exercise that can help the ZZZs come more naturally. Check it out:

  • Breathe in through your nose for a six count.
  • Hold it in for a three count.
  • Exhale through your nose for a six count.
  • Hold that for a three count.
  • Repeat these steps four more times.
  • Then, breathe in through your nose for a six count.
  • Exhale through your nose for a six count.
  • Repeat this set of steps four times.

That’s it! As you grow used to this routine, it will come more naturally and sleep will find you with greater ease. You don’t have to build anything to drift off to your own Field of Dreams.

Of course, there’s always AIR ESSENTIALS™ SLEEP/SNORE. It’s infused with a calming lavender essential oil blend, which promotes restful sleep.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For some couples, snoring can keep them apart. They’ll try all sorts of things, not finding a good solution. We’ve been sharing some on our Facebook page all week. Do any of these look familiar?

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 1

Ear plugs? Pass. You can’t awake to the chirping of birds like you’re in a Disney movie this way.

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 2

Does this look comfortable to you?

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 3

From here, it’s only a short step to…

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 3

…this. Don’t let it come to this.

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 5

There. That’s more like it.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at AirWare Labs!



We hypothesise that routinely applied short sessions of slow and regular breathing can lower blood pressure (BP). Using a new technology BIM (Breathe with Interactive Music), hypertensive patients were guided towards slow and regular breathing. The present study evaluates the efficacy of the BIM in lowering BP. We studied 33 patients (23M/10F), aged 25-75 years, with uncontrolled BP. Patients were randomised into either active treatment with the BIM (n = 18) or a control treatment with a Walkman (n = 15). Treatment at home included either musically-guided breathing exercises with the BIM or listening to quiet music played by a Walkman for 10 min daily for 8 weeks. BP and heart rate were measured both at the clinic and at home with an Omron IC BP monitor. Clinic BP levels were measured at baseline, and after 4 and 8 weeks of treatment. Home BP measurements were taken daily, morning and evening, throughout the study. The two groups were matched by initial BP, age, gender, body mass index and medication status. The BP change at the clinic was -7.5/-4.0 mm Hg in the active treatment group, vs -2.9/-1.5 mm Hg in the control group (P = 0.001 for systolic BP). Analysis of home-measured data showed an average BP change of -5.0/-2.7 mm Hg in the active treatment group and -1.2/+0.9 mm Hg in the control group. Ten out of 18 (56%) were defined as responders in the active treatment group but only two out of 14 (14%) in the control group (P = 0.02). Thus, breathing exercise guided by the BIM device for 10 min daily is an effective non-pharmacological modality to reduce BP.


Internal Medicine D, The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel.