AirWare Now Available in Canada!

blog20Canada is home to some of our favorite things. Poutine is one of them. Who doesn’t love french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds? Vegans, probably (we’re sure there’s a delicious vegan version out there somewhere). Also excited to call Canada home is … AirWare!  Today we’re excited to announce that Katz Group Pharmacies Inc. will offer AIR™ ALLERGY, AIR™ SLEEP SNORE, AIR™ DECONGEST and AIR™ BREATHE at  460 retail pharmacies across Central and Western Canada. Katz Group is one of Canada’s largest privately owned enterprises with pharmacy operations that include convenient Rexall and Rexall Pharma Plus locations in Canada.

According to Airware Labs CEO Jeffrey Rassas, “Smog in Canada has been found to be a contributing factor to premature deaths across the country as well as increased hospital and doctor visits. At the same time, the number of allergy suffers have continued to rise with some doctors estimating one in four Canadians now suffer with allergic rhinitis, while another 8 per cent of adults and 12 per cent of children struggle with asthma. We are delighted to work with the Katz Group to bring our pioneering products to leading pharmacies across the country and provide consumers in Canada access to effective, innovative solutions to challenging health concerns and common health problems like allergies, snoring, and congestion.”

With its entrance into Canadian markets, Airware Labs is continuing its progress in aggressively pursuing efforts that advance the company’s retail presence in domestic and international markets, while building brand awareness among consumers through partnerships that provide access to high profile, consumer-favored brick and mortar and online prominent retail outlets. “We have a high degree of confidence in our continuing efforts to grow market opportunities that will allow us to reach consumers with important messages that resonate. We expect our expanding market presence to ignite prospects for continued growth. We continue to believe that consumers will seek out affordable products that offer innovative, drug-free solutions to prominent health issues impacting them and their families,” said Rassas.

Today’s announcement of Airware Labs expansion into Canadian markets follows recent announcements of the company’s international expansion into India as well as its domestic expansion into Winn Dixie and BI-LO stores across the country.

See the full press release.

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