Monthly Archives: April 2015

AirWare Now Available in Canada!

blog20Canada is home to some of our favorite things. Poutine is one of them. Who doesn’t love french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds? Vegans, probably (we’re sure there’s a delicious vegan version out there somewhere). Also excited to call Canada home is … AirWare!  Today we’re excited to announce that Katz Group Pharmacies Inc. will offer AIR™ ALLERGY, AIR™ SLEEP SNORE, AIR™ DECONGEST and AIR™ BREATHE at  460 retail pharmacies across Central and Western Canada. Katz Group is one of Canada’s largest privately owned enterprises with pharmacy operations that include convenient Rexall and Rexall Pharma Plus locations in Canada. Continue reading

AirWare Now Available at Apollo Hospitals, Pharmacies Across India

AirWare Labs has made yet another move to ensure we can help others across the globe to breathe the difference. Our latest stamp on the passport finds AirWare in India. 37 Apollo Hospitals and 250  Apollo pharmacy retail outlets across India will now sell Airware Labs’ innovative AIR™ ALLERGY product. Apollo Pharmacy is the largest retail pharmacy chain in India. Apollo Hospitals, based in Chennai, India, encompass over 10,000 beds across the country. A number of Apollo Hospitals have been among the first in India to receive international healthcare accreditation. Apollo hospitals and pharmacies are a part of the Apollo Group. Continue reading