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Meet the Bubble Boy!

Vincent Kartheiser & Adam Herschman

We’ve been teasing you with set photos, Instagram videos and more the past month or so. Today your wait is over. The Bubble Boy video is here! Starring Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) and Adam Herschman (Accepted, Soul Men), this is a video of the AirWare Labs search for a spokesperson. In the process we discovered Bubble Boy, who burst from his prison of allergies with the help of AIR ALLERGY™.

Flowers, hikes, family BBQs, you name it. AIR ALLERGY™ keeps you there in the moments that matter. Our discreet nasal filters protect you from irritating airborne allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander.

· Helps block out airborne allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander
· Filtration media from 3M
· Easy to breathe through
· Drug-free
· Infused with an essential oil blend designed to reduce allergy symptoms
· Soft, comfortable and discreet
· Latex-Free

Breathe relief. Get AIR ALLERGY™ today!

Nasal Strips For A Horse … Of Course!

Triple Crown contending horse California Chrome has gained approval to wear its now infamous nasal strip. Much like humans, some horses wear nasal strips to aid in breathing. California Chrome will now wear its nasal strip as it contends for the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes.

“I think it opens up his air passage and gives him that little extra oomph that he needs, especially going a mile and a half,” trainer Art Sherman said. “Any time you can have a good air passage, that means a lot for these thoroughbreds.”

The ruling was made, in part, because nasal strips are not a performance enhancing drug. Like AIR SPORT™, they are a drug-free solution. Plus, on humans, nasal filters increase airflow up to 60%! That’s 38% more than leading nasal strips!

California Chrome may win the Triple Crown with the help of nasal strips. What will you accomplish with the help AIR SPORT™?

AirWare Labs’ Licensing Agreement With Breathe Active, LLC Expands to Australia and New Zealand

AirWare Labs: Australian for breathing better. They may not actually “throw another shrimp on the barbe” down under (because they call them prawns), but they will certainly be breathing better thanks to our licensing agreement with Breathe Active. They’ll be breathing better on the Shire too. Get it?! Because Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand.

Brand Developers Limited, Australia’s leading direct response television company, has ordered 10,000 units of Allergy andSleep/Snore products in preparation of the highly anticipatedtelevision campaign. Brand Developers Limited specializes in product development, infomercial shopping and multi-channel retail distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

“Confidence in the Allergy and Sleep/Snore products is evidenced bythe much higher initial order than is typically the case for a first-run direct response campaign,” said Jetimira Kaizu, BrandDevelopers Limited’s U.S. Agent. “We are anticipating high demand for both products, as there is nothing like either available in the marketplace.”

“We are very excited to introduce Allergy and Sleep/Snore to the Australian and New Zealand markets,” said Kevin Shaughnessy,President and CEO of Breathe Active, LLC. “Our initial TV rollout in the U.S. has had a tremendous response, so we know there’s a significant international market for effective, drug-free allergy andsleep aids and we are excited about expanding our longstanding partnership with Brand Developers Limited as they make these revolutionary products available to the consumers of Australia and New Zealand.”

Euromonitor International reported that the market for cough, cold and allergy remedies in Australia generated A483 million in 2012, up 4% from the previous year. In a separate report, Euromonitor found that sleeping aids generated $14 million in sales in 2012, up 5% from the previous year.

“The success of the Breathe Active product line reflects reported increases in allergies and sleep disorders throughout the world,”said Jeffrey Rassas, President and CEO of AirWare Labs. “We are proud that AirWare technology, which has improved the lives of millions of people in the U.S., will now help residents of Australia and New Zealand breathe better.”