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Breathe Bigger: Using Your Lungs to Their Potential

We all have a lot of practice breathing. You know … because we do it all day, every day. You would think we would all be experts by now. Turns out, that may not be the case. Breathing expert Caroline Kremer believes that most people vastly under use their lungs. In her piece for the London Evening Standard, writer Lucy Tobin went in for the first-hand experience and learned how to use her lungs to the max.

With a few simple steps, we can use our lungs to their full potential:

  1. Relax. Says Kremer: “You have to get the body relaxed before you can start breathing work.”
  2. Not just any exhale. Breathe out “while hissing like a deflating balloon. “
  3. Keep going. Just when you feel as if you cannot continue to exhale, push it a little further.
  4. Waiting to Inhale. Pause for a moment.
  5. Breathe in. After a few seconds, breathe in.
  6. Repeat. According to Tobin, “it’s surprising how much fuller the lungs get after a few rounds of the exercises.”

Breathing bigger will help you relax to the max.

Fun fact: Kremer’s record exhale is a whopping two minutes long!

Playlist: #NowPlaying

This is the first of what will be a weekly playlist for all of you. If you’re like us here at AirWare Labs, everything needs a soundtrack … especially working out. In the future, it will have a more clever name. We’ll also theme the week’s playlist whenever possible. I see an Oscars songs from the movies themed playlist in our future. What will be the same, is the mix of songs to help you push through your workout or any other activities. This week, it’s a mix of what we’ve been leaning on lately at the gym.

  • “Pompeii” – Bastille
  • “Happy” – Pharrell Williams
  • “Love Me Again” – John Newman
  • “Come Alive” – Chromeo f. Toro Y Moi
  • “Bounce” – MSTRKRFT f. N.O.R.E.
  • “Warrior” – A-Trak, Mark Foster, Kimbra
  • “Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons f. Kendrick Lamar
  • “Around the Block (Plastro Remix)” – Pretty Lights f. Talib Kweli
  • “Entertainment 2.0″ – Sean Paul f. Juicy J, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj
  • “Fall (Remixed by M83 VS Big Black Delta)” – Daft Punk

AirWare Labs Executive Team Grows!

We’re very excited to announce several additions to the AirWare Labs executive team. It’s a collection of smart, talented people that are here to ensure we can continue or mission to help the world breathe better and live better. “Our new management team demonstrates AirWare Labs’ commitment to being an industry-leading organization,” said Jeffrey Rassás, President and CEO of AirWare Labs. “With these key additions we are poised to build on the momentum we’ve created over the past year.”

Since we like to have a bit of fun here on the AirWare Labs blog, we decided we’d play Two Truths & A Lie with y’all about our new executive team. Good luck!

Dr. Lorrie Henderson, Ph.D., MBA – Chief Operating Officer

  • Earned his bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University, his master’s degree from Florida International University, a Ph.D. from Barry University in Florida and an MBA, summa cum laude, from Jones International University.
  • Harry and the Hendersons is actually based on his family.
  • Dr. Henderson brings over 25 years of leadership experience in the field of Healthcare/Behavioral Health.

Chase Herschman – Director of Marketing

  • Chase is actually a nickname given to Herschman when he was young. His real first name is Wolfgang.
  • Herschman joined AirWare Labs in 2013 after seeking to market his own nasal filter product.
  • Graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Sports Marketing and Management in 2008.

Michael L. Doll – Director of Quality

  • Has been developing successful products and business opportunities for over 30 years.
  • Helped developed the initial vision, definition and refinement of the AirWare Labs nasal dilator and has been an integral part of the organization since 2004.
  • The L stands for Lucky. He legally changed it after a particularly successful weekend in Las Vegas.

Andy Shore – Director of Content and Social Media

  • He graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism.
  • His favorite Disney movie is Pinocchio.
  • Brings extensive social networking and copywriting skill to AirWare Labs.

To check your answers and for more details, see the full press release here.

Sleep: If You Breathe It, It Will Come

You all know the feeling. It’s already past your bedtime. You’re tired, but sleep just won’t come. You toss and turn, trying to find the most comfortable way to drift off to sleep. You count sheep (or whatever version of that you do to try and trick yourself into falling asleep). It’s frustrating. Especially when you’ve made the effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour. You dread how you’ll feel in the morning and that stress keeps you awake. Did you know you can breathe yourself to sleep?

According to EXOS, there’s a breathing exercise that can help the ZZZs come more naturally. Check it out:

  • Breathe in through your nose for a six count.
  • Hold it in for a three count.
  • Exhale through your nose for a six count.
  • Hold that for a three count.
  • Repeat these steps four more times.
  • Then, breathe in through your nose for a six count.
  • Exhale through your nose for a six count.
  • Repeat this set of steps four times.

That’s it! As you grow used to this routine, it will come more naturally and sleep will find you with greater ease. You don’t have to build anything to drift off to your own Field of Dreams.

Of course, there’s always AIR ESSENTIALS™ SLEEP/SNORE. It’s infused with a calming lavender essential oil blend, which promotes restful sleep.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For some couples, snoring can keep them apart. They’ll try all sorts of things, not finding a good solution. We’ve been sharing some on our Facebook page all week. Do any of these look familiar?

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 1

Ear plugs? Pass. You can’t awake to the chirping of birds like you’re in a Disney movie this way.

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 2

Does this look comfortable to you?

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 3

From here, it’s only a short step to…

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 3

…this. Don’t let it come to this.

Air Sleep/Snore Valentine 5

There. That’s more like it.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at AirWare Labs!

Good News! AirWare Labs Enters Licensing Agreement With Breathe Active

Today we are pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Breathe Active, LLC for AIR(TM) ALLERGY, AIR ESSENTIALS(TM) SLEEP/SNORE and AIR ESSENTIALS(TM) HEADACHE. This is great news for all of us here at AirWare Labs, as it ensures we can continue to help people do the one thing we need to do most … breathe. That’s not all! Thanks to Harvest Direct, beginning this month direct response commercials featuring Breathe Active Sleep/Snore and Allergy will air on cable channels including ESPN, MSNBC, CNBC, Hallmark Channel, MeTv, Game Show Network, FOX News, Biography and Lifetime Real Women.

“This licensing agreement with Breathe Active further demonstrates that our products greatly improve the health and vitality of people suffering from a wide range of common conditions like allergies and headaches,” said Jeffrey Rassas, President and CEO of AirWare Labs. “We are thrilled that Breathe Active and Harvest Direct are working to continue our mission to help people breathe — and live — better.”

Cheers to Breathe Active and Harvest Labs!

Check out the press release.


Bless You: Cute Animals Sneezing

Animals sneezing is just about the cutest darn thing. In fact, it’s just about one of our favorite things there is. However, it’s not nearly as fun when we’re saddled with a bout of the sneezes. So, for those of us that look far less cute when we’ve got a case of the sneezes, here’s a handful of videos to cheer you up. We’re not just here to distract you from the problem, though. No, we’re going to solve it too!

If you can’t pull off the cute sneeze, or just want to not have to sneeze at all, there’s AIR ALLERGY™


Everyone sleeps. We all need it. Most of us love to do it. Few of us get enough of it.

Everyone sleeps. Even Lemurs. Sleepurs.

Sleeping Lemur

Some of us can sleep anywhere …

Sleepy dog.

… or under any conditions. This guy would even be fine in Sochi. He’d win a gold medal for sleeping.

Cat sleeping on cords.

Some of us can grab it in tight spaces.


Others prefer to have to whole bed to themselves to stretch out …

Dog sleeping in bed.

… while some of us sleep much better in the comfort of someone’s arms.

Puppy sleeping with owner.

However you sleep, and especially for those that it doesn’t come as easy to, AIR ESSENTIALS™ SLEEP/SNORE is infused with a calming lavender essential oil blend shown to help reduce congestion and promote restful sleep.

Breathe better. Sleep better with AIR ESSENTIALS™ SLEEP/SNORE.



AirWare Labs at the VISION® Consumer Products Conference

Last week our Director of Marketing, Chase Herschman, went to Dallas to represent AirWare Labs at the VISION® Consumer Products Conference. AirWare Labs had been nominated by INDA as a 2014 Visionary Award Finalist. Like all award show nominees say, we were truly honored just to be nominated. While we would have loved to win, we would have been so appreciative to win that we’re certain Chase’s acceptance speech would have garnered play off music from the band as he attempted to thank all of the people that made it possible. AIR ALLERGY™ was nominated for its “demonstrated uniqueness, novelty and technical sophistication.”

The excitement for this opportunity resonated with all of us at AirWare Labs, especially CEO Jeffrey Rassás. “This prestigious nomination is a testimony of our commitment to using cutting-edge design in the development of easy to use products that enhance health, vitality — and life overall — by promoting optimal breathing.”

At the conference Chase gave a presentation to VISION® attendees on the unique design and application of the AIR ALLERGY™ filter and its impact on the health and wellness industry, particularly as demand for products that defend against allergies and flu are at record levels. The love he felt from the attendees was indeed as big as Texas boasts about. Thanks for the southern hospitality, y’all!

Here’s a highlight from his presentation:

AirWare Labs at the VISION® Consumer Products Conference from AirWare Labs on Vimeo.